Skillman Announces Good Schools Recipients

Detroit, MI, April 21, 2005— The Skillman Foundation has announced the winning Detroit elementary schools in the first phase of its new, multi-million dollar education initiative, Good Schools: Making the Grade. All Detroit elementary schools were invited to apply for Good Schools improvement grants and technical assistance. After a review of applications and site visits by teams of educators, parents, business and community leaders, The Skillman Foundation has selected the winning schools based on four categories: high performing, improving, aspiring and honorable mention. The amounts of the grants will be announced in May. (The complete list of winning schools is listed below.)

“It has been very encouraging and affirming to find out that so many Detroit elementary schools are doing a good job already and many others are working to improve and meet the challenges of educating our children. Our goal for the Good Schools initiative is to encourage all schools to participate and provide excellent educational options for Detroit families,” said Carol Goss, President and CEO of The Skillman Foundation.

The Good Schools: Making the Grade initiative identifies indicators of student and school success and invites Detroit principals to apply for funding to maintain or attain these standards. The schools also receive self-assessment tools to identify strengths and weaknesses, along with assistance on how to improve. All 300 elementary schools in the city — public, private, charter and religious — were invited to take part in the first application period that ended January 31. Middle schools and high schools will be able to participate beginning this fall.

“Since this is the launch year of our initiative, we have decided to recognize all 76 applicants with awards appropriate and relevant to the categories they qualify for,” explained Dr. Alison Harmon, program director, who developed the Good Schools initiative and other education programs at The Skillman Foundation.

The following schools are being recognized as Good Schools: Making the Grade recipients:

High Performing Schools:
Criteria: Schools must first meet a requirement that at least 75 percent of the students have met or exceeded acceptable achievement standards. In addition, schools must have a 90 percent attendance rate and met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

1. Alonzo W. Bates Academy Detroit Public School
2. Chrysler Elementary Detroit Public School
3. Cornerstone Schools Association Private School
4. Samuel Gompers Elementary Detroit Public School
5. Samuel D. Holcomb Elementary Detroit Public School
6. Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit Public Charter School
7. John S. Newberry Elementary Detroit Public School
8. Burton International Detroit Public School
9. William Davison Elementary Detroit Public School

Improving Schools
Criteria: Schools must first meet the requirement that there is at least a 10 per cent increase of students meeting achievement standards over the prior year. In addition must have a 90 percent attendance rate and met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

1. Robert Burns Detroit Public School
2. Christ the King School Catholic School
3. Isaac Crary Elementary Detroit Public School
4. Dixon Elementary Detroit Public School
5. Foreign Language Immersion & Cultural Studies Schools (FLICS) Detroit Public School
6. John R. King Academic & Performing Arts Academy Detroit Public School
7. YMCA Service Learning Academy Public Charter School
8. Academy of the Americas Detroit Public School
9. Carstens Elementary Detroit Public School
10. William D. Wilkins Elementary Detroit Public School
11. Genesis Elementary Detroit Public School
12. Laurence A. McKenny Elementary Detroit Public School
13. Mark Twain School & Academy Detroit Public School
14. Anthony Wayne Detroit Public School
15. E.W. Yost Academy Detroit Public School

Aspiring Schools
Criteria: Schools must have at least 60% of the students meeting or exceeding acceptable achievement standards in two of the following three areas - mathematics, reading/language arts, and science. Schools are also eligible if the proportion of students meeting the achievement standards has increased by at least five percent over the prior year.

1. Detroit Academy Science, Mathematics & Technology Detroit Public School
2. Fairbanks Elementary Detroit Public School
3. Ulysses S. Grant Elementary & Middle Detroit Public School
4. Harms Elementary Detroit Public School
5. Abner Larned Detroit Public School
6. Loving Elementary Detroit Public School
7. Edward A. MacDowell Elementary Detroit Public School
8. Peter Monnier Detroit Public School
9. Plymouth Educational Center Public Charter School
10. Casimer Pulaski Elementary Middle School Detroit Public School
11. Clara W. Rutherford Academy Detroit Public School
12. St. Scholastica Catholic School
13. Timbuktu Academy of Science & Technology Public Charter School
14. Coleman A. Young Elementary Detroit Public School
15. Peter Vetal Detroit Public School
16. Weatherby Elementary Detroit Public School
17. Daniel Webster Elementary Detroit Public School
18. Brady Elementary School Detroit Public School
19. James E. Vernor Elementary Detroit Public School
20. William J. Beckham Academy Detroit Public School
21. East Bethlehem Lutheran School Lutheran School
22. James Edmondson Elementary Detroit Public School
23. Bethany Lutheran School Lutheran School
24. St. Timothy Lutheran Christian Day School Lutheran School
25. Antoine Cadillac School Detroit Public School
26. Logan Elementary Detroit Public School
27. Mary McLeod Bethune Academy Detroit Public School
28. Greenfield Park Elementary Detroit Public School
29. Thurgood Marshall Elementary Detroit Public School
30. Mann Learning Community Detroit Public School
31. Pasteur Elementary Detroit Public School
32. Chandler Park Academy-Greenfield Public Charter School
33. Herman/Rodgers Academy Detroit Public School
34. St. Cecilia Grade School Catholic School
35. A. Douglas Jamieson Elementary Detroit Public School
36. Schulze Elementary Detroit Public School
37. Woodward Public School Academy Public Charter School
38. Owen Elementary Detroit Public School
39. Grayling Elementary School Detroit Public School
40. Thomas A. Edison Elementary Detroit Public School

Honorable Mention
Schools that applied for either High Achieving,Improving, or Aspiring categories. Needs further improvement in student achievement and attendance.

1. Aisha Shule/W.E.B. Dubois Preparatory Academy Public Charter School
2. Birney Detroit Public School
3. Boynton Pre K-8 School Detroit Public School
4. Fred M. Butzel Elementary Detroit Public School
5. James Valentine Campbell Elementary Detroit Public School
6. Detroit Urban Lutheran Lutheran School
7. Gesu Elementary Catholic School
8. Hope Academy Public Charter School
9. Colin Powell Public Charter School
10. St. Bartholomew School Catholic School
11. B. Benedict Glazer Elementary Detroit Public School
12. St. Mary of Redford Catholic School

The criteria for identifying good schools in Detroit were developed by national educational advisors after The Skillman Foundation conducted extensive research and meetings with Detroit parents, students, educators, business and community leaders. A Detroit task force of academic, business, political, government and community representatives further refined the good school indicators.

A comprehensive guide to good elementary schools in Detroit will be distributed later this year to parents, caregivers and students to help them make good choices. This guide will be developed into an annual consumer’s guide to all good schools in Detroit for parents and caregivers to make good choices.

For more information about Good Schools: Making the Grade, contact The Skillman Foundation at 313-393-1185 or log on to

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