SCOOP in 9th Year of Media Training

Since 1993 over 100 high school students have benefited from the Detroit-based SCOOP program with some going on to college degrees and working in television production.

After graduating from Howard University, Khary Matthews was hired as an assistant producer by America’s Most Wanted. “Much of my knowledge in my current job responsibilities has come, believe it or not, from my training with the Summer Video Workshop.” Matthews participated in the 1994 summer workshop gaining hands-on experience in production, directing, script writing, editing and operating equipment.

Latitia McCree, who first created the SCOOP program as a way to give Detroit area students access to media production, has since designed advanced courses and paid internships for those desiring to pursue their interests in the field. “Now, our goal is to become a media center and take the program to the neighborhood to give more kids access.”

McCree is currently looking for partners, like the Boys and Girls Clubs, in neighborhoods not reached by SCOOP. Organizations providing services to youth are welcome to discuss with her the possibility of forming partnerships on the video production program for youth.

In 2001, SCOOP won the Leonard Smith award from the Youth Sports and Recreation Commission for organizational excellence in providing youth services. McCree continues to work on sustaining the SCOOP program by organizing fundraisers and accepting paid commissions to produce video programs for clients. She has also developed and designed an instructional program, Intaking Information Intelligently, to challenge children to investigate all media’s affect on social behavior, and to think and decide for themselves. This program will be marketed to schools as a package including course curriculum, media materials and instructor.