Michigan SIDS Alliance gets first grant

Non-profit, Lansing-based Alliance assists parents who have been affected by SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. The proposed campaign will target parents and health care workers in Detroit and southeastern Michigan with information on safe sleeping habits.

"Infant mortality is a serious problem in Detroit and the tragedy is that many cases are preventable," said Kari Schlachtenhaufen, Skillman Foundation President. "The SIDS Alliance will collaborate with local hospitals in metro Detroit to develop a comprehensive campaign to reduce infant mortality related to unsafe sleeping practices."

Seven clusters of the Foundation's Faith-based Initiative "A Call To Service" received $75,000 each to provide high-quality after-school programs for children. These grants were awarded to continue the development of collaborative relationships between churches, schools and community organizations within a one-mile radius of each other. Grants were awarded to the following seven non-profit organizations as the lead agency of each cluster:

  • St. Paul Community Development Corporation ~ SAFE Cluster (Saving A Future Everyday)
  • Cathedral Community Services, Inc. ~ Cultural Center Cluster
  • L.I.F.T. Women’s Resource Center ~ Agape Village Cluster
  • Vanguard Community Development ~ PRIDE Cluster (Partners Reinforcing Individual Development and Education)
  • The Safe Center, Inc. ~ Children of Tomorrow Cluster
  • Benjamin E. Mays Male Academy Association ~ CONNECT Cluster (Churches, Organizations and Neighborhoods Networking to Enrich Children Together)
  • Abayomi Community Development Corporation. ~ VICTORY Cluster (Visionaries Incorporating Change Through Opportunities Reaching Youth)

For a complete list of new grants, please check our "What We Fund" page, in the New Foundation Grants section.