Good Neighborhoods Strategy Unveiled

DETROIT – In a departure from traditional grantmaking and a move to dramatically improve the lives of Detroit children and families, The Skillman Foundation announced today an initiative to provide full-scale support to six city neighborhoods where many children live.

The Good Neighborhoods Initiative transforms the Foundation’s grantmaking strategy to one that is geographic in nature. Through it, The Skillman Foundation will:
· Support neighborhoods with lots of children and few resources,
· Develop partnerships with individuals and organizations who are working at the grass-roots community level on behalf of children, and
· Support best practice models in these neighborhoods.

“Our work will be both intentional and intensive as we partner on behalf of children over an extended period of time,” said Carol Goss, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Skillman Foundation.

Tonya Allen, Program Director, will lead the Good Neighborhoods Initiative at the Foundation.

Six neighborhoods have been chosen where, collectively, more than 65,000 children live -- approximately 30% of the child population in Detroit -- and nearly 50% of those children live in poverty. After considerable analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, the six neighborhoods chosen are:
· Brightmoor: in western Detroit, south of Rosedale Park
· Central: south of Highland Park and southwest of Hamtramck
· Chadsey/Condon: in south-central Detroit, north of the Vernor neighborhood
· Cody/Rouge: in western Detroit, south of the Brightmoor community
· Osborn: in northeastern Detroit
· Vernor: in southern Detroit, south of Chadsey/Condon

“The needs of children, youth and their families are critical in the city of Detroit,” Goss said. “We are hopeful that this new Neighborhood Development Initiative will help to improve outcomes for them and to improve the environments in which they live. The Skillman Foundation cannot do this work alone, and we will be developing relationships to align our work with promising programs already engaged in these communities.”

Nonprofit organizations interested in grant information can email the Foundation at:

Created in 1960, the Skillman Foundation is a private philanthropy committed to helping children in metropolitan Detroit by improving their homes, schools and neighborhoods. Skillman grantmaking supports nonprofit organizations, schools, and agencies in Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland Counties, with a special emphasis on organizations working in the city of Detroit.