Carol Goss shares vision for Foundation's future

Skillman Foundation President Carol Goss highlighted the Foundation's accomplishments and shared her vision for its future with hundreds of guests including staff, trustees, representatives from area nonprofit organizations, family, friends and other supporters.

"We now know that if we are going to make a substantial difference in the lives of children and change the communities and neighborhoods in which they live, we must get closer, work harder, reach out even further," Goss said.

The Foundation plans to serve children by going deeper into neighborhoods to:

  • Build closer relationships with community based groups already working in neighborhoods with young people.
  • Identify "natural" helpers in neighborhoods, places where children will go because they are safe and nurturing places, and help them to provide what the children need.
  • Listen to the ideas and aspirations of community leaders and involve them as partners in the process, provide technical assistance, leadership development and reviews of model programs from other locations.