A place "Where All Parents Are Powerful!"

At any of The Detroit Parent Network's meetings or events, a constant chant reverberates, "Get Involved! Get Connected! Get Powerful!"

"Parents are the most powerful people in their children's lives," says The Detroit Parent Network (DPN) Executive Director Tonya Allen, "so we encourage them to get excited about their ability to raise and educate their children."

DPN is a new organization that supports parents and primary caregivers of school-age children. The organization's goal is to strengthen parents' personal development, improve their parenting skills and effectively engage them in their children's education. The Detroit Youth Foundation received a three-year, $300,000 grant for the development and incubation of this new non-profit agency.

DPN offers parents workshops with practical tools to help their kids at school. Of the many workshops available, participants can select sessions such as: A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Preparing for the MEAP and Determining Your Child's Learning Style.

"As a parent, I never received a manual that teaches me how to be a good parent. Yet, it is assumed that parents will know exactly what to do and where to go," says Deborah Henderson. She added that The Detroit Parent Network has helped her and other parents locate the best possible services, resources or programs available for children.

Parents seeking good information for themselves and their school-aged children should contact the Detroit Parent Network at (313) 832-0617. The web address is www.detroitparentnetwork.org.