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Youth share stories of foster care at safety forum

The young adults, each of whom had spent time in foster care, sat on a stage in front of a large auditorium at Second Ebenezer Church on Monday, under a glare of intense lights. Sitting out in the seats were nonprofit leaders, state workers, philanthropy professionals, social workers, child welfare advocates and police who had gathered for the Neighborhoods of Hope Wayne County Safety Forum. The all-day event was organized to help create pathways to keep more children in the county safe in their homes. ... Read More

Goss calls for systems, communities to better keep kids safe

On Monday, the Skillman Foundation is convening a forum called Neighborhoods of Hope: Wayne County. It’s a collaboration with Casey Family Programs and the Michigan Department of Human Services. I wanted to hold this forum for a few reasons. I’m retiring at the end of this year. I leave proud of much work that has improved outcomes, but with a continued sense of urgency for the children of Detroit. There are two things that must happen, and happen soon, to make our children safer. ... Read More

Children's Agenda for kids taking root in neighborhoods

For too long, Detroiters in Cody Rouge, Brightmoor, Southwest Detroit and Osborn have been overlooked in Detroit politics, as has the issue that matters most to them – building a community that supports families. And so this fall, residents have come together to outline an agenda that is all about the future of their kids. ... Read More