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Credit Recovery: Helping students make up for lost time

Two years ago, I spoke with Osborn Neighborhood Alliance parent mentors who were volunteering at the Osborn High School Campus. They were helping to “fill in the gap” at the schools, offering additional support to students on the campus to complement the work of the schools’ administrators and teachers. ... Read More

#EdMattersHere: Persistent support sets student on right path

When I graduated from elementary school, my reading and math skills were at a third-grade level. So I was placed in special education in middle school. Those became the three most defining years of my life. The guilt and humiliation that I harbored deep within caused me to build a defense around myself to hide the disappointment I felt with my progress. ... Read More

Cody Rouge community taking a hammer to blighted properties

To Kenyetta Campbell, each abandoned house in the Cody Rouge neighborhood is one more building that makes children fear for their safety. Each one, she says, needs to go. She’s getting her wish granted, at least in part, Saturday when 150 of those blighted properties will be cleaned and boarded, making the neighborhood that much safer. ... Read More

Join in: Social sphere invites everyone to put kids first

If you’re a Detroit enthusiast who is active on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, you have probably noticed a positive narrative there about what’s happening in our city. Many in the social sphere are excited about the signs of revitalization happening in Detroit, and we at The Skillman Foundation are, too. But a lot of that conversation – and to a degree, what the media coverage focuses on – is limited geographically to what’s going on downtown and in Midtown. ... Read More