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Growing leaders through outdoor adventures

Growing leaders through outdoor adventures

Upon graduating from Wayne State University, Peter went to Micronesia with his church and put his belief in the transformative power of outdoor adventure to work, spending three years running a diversion program for youth in the criminal justice system. “Instead of going to jail, they could spend 21 days in the jungle with me,” he grinned. ... Read More

Join in: Social sphere invites everyone to put kids first

If you’re a Detroit enthusiast who is active on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, you have probably noticed a positive narrative there about what’s happening in our city. Many in the social sphere are excited about the signs of revitalization happening in Detroit, and we at The Skillman Foundation are, too. But a lot of that conversation – and to a degree, what the media coverage focuses on – is limited geographically to what’s going on downtown and in Midtown. ... Read More

Blight Busters forms partnerships from tenants with reopening of main facility

Today will be remembered as a transformative day for the Motor City Blight Busters, an organization with nearly a quarter century-long history in Detroit. It’s the reopening and rededication of its main facility on the Blight Busters campus -- an event that not only puts a valuable resource back to use for the community but begins an imitative that should change the way Blight Busters collaborates with other organizations doing similar work. ... Read More