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#ThankfulDetroit: See how Detroiters responded

On Nov. 20, we asked Detroiters to join with us on social media outlets like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to share why they're thankful to be a Detroiter. Lots of people participated (thank you!). We collected our favorite answers from all of the social Web below. I hope you'll check it out, and also, check out the related photo project on our Facebook page, where you can see how a group of youth from the Cody Rouge neighborhood answered that question. ... Read More

Tonya Allen: Finding inspiration in ... the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial

At a luncheon late last year, I had a “wow” moment — one of those times when you can't believe you’re experiencing or learning something so fantastic. It was a moment I almost missed, because it came during a busy day when I was running from meeting to meeting. I was tempted not to attend because the burdens of my daily schedule were overwhelming me, and I knew I had to drive later that afternoon to Flint. ... Read More

Targeting boys of color is more than just an initiative for Foundation

One look at Detroit’s demographics – 83% of the city is African American – will tell you a brighter future simply depends on young boys of color growing up to be in a better place than their fathers and grandfathers. And so funding initiatives that target that population is a core strategy here at The Skillman Foundation – and it’s a strategy that’s gaining ground in other philanthropic circles as well. ... Read More

Giving time to our children gives hope for the future

Hopeless. I've heard children in Detroit are considered hopeless, schools in Detroit are hopeless, and families in Detroit are hopeless. If you listen to some media reports, you’d think everything in Detroit has become hopeless. The word hopeless means something is incurable, with no possibility for solution. Many times the future for children, schools and families in Detroit might seem bleak, but that future is far from hopeless. ... Read More

Community voices help refine our 2016 goals

One of the roles The Skillman Foundation plays is as a community convener. Whether it’s through neighborhood planning sessions, learning communities, Boys of Color symposiums or a host of other meetings and events, Foundation staff members spend a great deal of time bringing together partners, residents, youth and other stakeholders to learn and problem-solve together and to collaborate in new ways. ... Read More