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Detroit residents leading change in neighborhoods

Detroit residents leading change in neighborhoods

When the Skillman Foundation set out to on its Good Neighborhoods Initiative to improve conditions for children living in six Detroit neighborhoods – Brightmoor, Chadsey Condon, Cody Rouge, North End, Osborn and Southwest Detroit – one critical step taken was to launch Community Connections, a resident-centered grant program working to strengthen civic engagement and grassroots leadership. The program awards grants of $500 to $5,000 to local projects that mobilize residents to improve opportunities and conditions for youth.
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Reviewing Detroit’s Good Neighborhoods

Reviewing Detroit’s Good Neighborhoods

Ten years ago Carol Goss, then president & CEO of the Skillman Foundation, made a bold $100 million, 10-year commitment to improve conditions for children in six neighborhoods in Detroit where nearly one-third of the city’s youth population lived. The Skillman Good Neighborhoods — Brightmoor, Chadsey-Condon, Cody-Rouge, Northend, Osborn, and Southwest Detroit — were spread throughout the city, with varied populations, access to resources and community assets. It soon became apparent: “When you’ve seen one Good Neighborhood, you’ve seen ONE Good Neighborhood.” ... Read More

Stanford grad thankful for Detroit supporters

Almost a year ago, a dream that once felt intangible transformed into my reality. Last June, I graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in African and African American Studies and a minor in Creative Writing.
Although college was a time of abundant opportunity, I often struggled to overcome fears of inadequacy. ... Read More

With video: Detroit Youth Development Alliance youth workers celebrate graduation

It was an event more than a year in the making, and one that will have an impact on the children in Detroit that reaches far past the walls of that downtown conference room. The graduation marked the end of the first youth worker training for more than 60 members of the Detroit Youth Development Alliance, a Skillman-funded initiative that brings those doing youth development work in the city, especially in our six Good Neighborhoods, into a network with goals to increase quality, reach more kids and coordinate efforts. ... Read More

Toxic stress in children's lives has emotional, physical implications

As a mother, I often picked up my children when they were babies and comforted them when they cried. Family members often chided me, saying I was spoiling them and that I'd pay for it in the future. They said, "Just let them cry." I never took the advice. I wanted my children to be happy, and I wanted to comfort them. Despite being a young mother, I was comfortable with my parenting choices and listened to my maternal instincts despite the naysayers. ... Read More