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Credit Recovery: Helping students make up for lost time

Two years ago, I spoke with Osborn Neighborhood Alliance parent mentors who were volunteering at the Osborn High School Campus. They were helping to “fill in the gap” at the schools, offering additional support to students on the campus to complement the work of the schools’ administrators and teachers. ... Read More

Toxic stress in children's lives has emotional, physical implications

As a mother, I often picked up my children when they were babies and comforted them when they cried. Family members often chided me, saying I was spoiling them and that I'd pay for it in the future. They said, "Just let them cry." I never took the advice. I wanted my children to be happy, and I wanted to comfort them. Despite being a young mother, I was comfortable with my parenting choices and listened to my maternal instincts despite the naysayers. ... Read More

Thankful Detroit: On Tuesday, Nov. 20, share why you love being a Detroiter

What makes you thankful to be a Detroiter? This question, and about 100 answers to it, popped into my mind recently when The Parade Company unveiled the newest Skillman Foundation float design contest winner. It’s a colorful new float called “Color Art Studio” that features cartoonish looking kids painting and sculpting away in a dream-like art studio. ... Read More

Tonya Allen: Finding inspiration in ... the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial

At a luncheon late last year, I had a “wow” moment — one of those times when you can't believe you’re experiencing or learning something so fantastic. It was a moment I almost missed, because it came during a busy day when I was running from meeting to meeting. I was tempted not to attend because the burdens of my daily schedule were overwhelming me, and I knew I had to drive later that afternoon to Flint. ... Read More