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Reviewing Detroit’s Good Neighborhoods

Reviewing Detroit’s Good Neighborhoods

Ten years ago Carol Goss, then president & CEO of the Skillman Foundation, made a bold $100 million, 10-year commitment to improve conditions for children in six neighborhoods in Detroit where nearly one-third of the city’s youth population lived. The Skillman Good Neighborhoods — Brightmoor, Chadsey-Condon, Cody-Rouge, Northend, Osborn, and Southwest Detroit — were spread throughout the city, with varied populations, access to resources and community assets. It soon became apparent: “When you’ve seen one Good Neighborhood, you’ve seen ONE Good Neighborhood.” ... Read More

Life Remodeled coming to Cody Rouge this August

The idea is to bring together thousands of volunteers over a span of six days in August to renovate the schools in a transformative way. Kenyetta Campbell, executive director of the Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance (CRCAA), said already she’s felt a sense of optimism rising in her community. People who she’s longed to get more involved in the community are speaking up, she said, including alumni of Cody High School. ... Read More

A vote for a children’s agenda

It’s hard to fathom that for a city that has undergone such immense change in recent years, more is on the way for Detroiters. This fall, residents will elect a new mayor, as well as a new city council, which for the first time, will be elected by district. That’s a lot of change in one Election Day. ... Read More

Q&A: Social innovation expands solutions to community's problems

When you hear the buzz phrase “social innovation,” what comes to mind? We hope that in the future, you might think of The Skillman Foundation. Because as part of our recent strategic planning efforts, we’ve identified it as one the six investment areas that we believe will best work together to solve problems children in the city of Detroit face every day. ... Read More