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Tonya Allen: Quantifying hope for young men of color

As president & CEO of The Skillman Foundation, chair of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, and co-chair of the nationally-focused Executive Alliance alongside Bob Ross from the California Endowment, I have the honor of being in a position to drive what’s happening locally, in my city of Detroit, as well as across the country. ... Read More

Allen: Bus ride to school with Detroit teen is eye-opener

Education organizing group 482Forward challenged members of the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren to travel to school with a Detroit child to get a firsthand look at some of the challenges families in the city face while trying to get their kids to school safely. ... Read More

Principal managers from DPS, EAA, charters learning together through new network

This is Detroit. Where education conversations quickly devolve into a this-against-that rhetoric. Where one governance style is always pitted against another, and where schools must compete for too-few students. It’s not a place where you see different districts working together often. But again, this is Detroit. Where educators from all types of schools are absolutely committed to improving student outcomes. And where that common ground is bringing people together in uncommon ways. ... Read More

Model D, Skillman Foundation to host #YourDetroit Twitter chat

We’ve teamed with Model D and two Detroit writers and thinkers to have a Twitter conversation from 2 to 3 p.m. on March 3. It's a chance to talk about #YourDetroit. Whatever neighborhood that is. Whether you have been in the city five months, five years, or 50 years. If you care about Detroit and want it to be a more inclusive place that works for all, we hope you’ll join us. ... Read More

5,000 summer jobs coming for Detroit youth in 2015

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan summed up what it was all about this way: “The reality is this: People talk about ladders of opportunity all the time. The ladder doesn’t mean very much if it doesn’t reach the ground. And for too many people in the city of Detroit, well, the ladder doesn’t reach the ground.” ... Read More