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Kids need a community of caring adults

“Children in Detroit are forced to be alone, and from that either become something or nothing,” said Angelina, a bright young woman who explained that she learned many life lessons on her own and by gleaning advice from friends who had strong support networks.

Growing up in poverty can be a very isolating experience. Survival replaces growth. Fear replaces hope. ... Read More

Stanford grad thankful for Detroit supporters

Almost a year ago, a dream that once felt intangible transformed into my reality. Last June, I graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in African and African American Studies and a minor in Creative Writing.
Although college was a time of abundant opportunity, I often struggled to overcome fears of inadequacy. ... Read More

Leading Detroit: Angela Reyes of Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation

Tired of burying children, Angela Reyes became a community leader by organizing youth programs. Reyes vividly remembers going to the funerals of young people close to her every other week.“It was traumatic for me as a mother, it was traumatic for the community." ... Read More

Life Remodeled coming to Cody Rouge this August

The idea is to bring together thousands of volunteers over a span of six days in August to renovate the schools in a transformative way. Kenyetta Campbell, executive director of the Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance (CRCAA), said already she’s felt a sense of optimism rising in her community. People who she’s longed to get more involved in the community are speaking up, she said, including alumni of Cody High School. ... Read More

Children's Agenda for kids taking root in neighborhoods

For too long, Detroiters in Cody Rouge, Brightmoor, Southwest Detroit and Osborn have been overlooked in Detroit politics, as has the issue that matters most to them – building a community that supports families. And so this fall, residents have come together to outline an agenda that is all about the future of their kids. ... Read More