our mega goal

The Foundation began a 10-year initiative in 2006 to improve life for children in six Detroit neighborhoods. In 2013, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees introduced a new over-arching goal to focus that work for its final phase â€“ to improve meaningful graduation rates in the city of Detroit, so kids are prepared for college, career, and life.

In 2014, in an effort to be data-driven, accountable, and clearly focused, two targets were added to that goal:

  • By the 2016-17 graduating class, we hope to hit 90 percent graduation rates in the six neighborhoods where we work.
  • By 2020, the goal is to expand that target citywide and to see 90 percent of all students across Detroit graduating on time.

See the video below to hear more about the Mega Goal from our president & CEO Tonya Allen.


Where are we now?

To ensure we meet this goal, the Foundation annually examines the best available data on graduation rates and tailors our investments to make the biggest impact possible on those numbers.

Here are the most recent charts. This shows that in 2015, the graduation rate In non-alternative high schools in the six neighborhoods was 82 percent.

grad rate 2016

Want data on individual schools? Download the 2014 Graduation Rate Data Set.

You can also download a PowerPoint presentation on the graduation rate data here.